You Are Loved

Welcome to change as we have never seen it!
This outward manifestation of new energies is ushering in a magnificent future.
Stay present, feel, be kind and wise.
You are loved.

Fear Not

These are the times we have been waiting for. Fear not! Magnificent changes and brilliant discoveries rise when all else fails.  Humanity is a manifestation if God. Let us allow that grace to unfold.


Today, life awaits you!  Blessings to the illumination of your gifts,for that very brightening of your Spirit makes known your presence within the family of man.


All is light!  The ever presence of God’s promise grows minute by minute with the increase of ethereal illumination into the mundane world.  Behold!  He is here!


What is truth? Is it not the exultation of love's blessing upon our hearts, fulfilling prophecy and invoking the brilliance of God's light for all?
Truth presents abundance of love from Spirit, and the promise of peace of mind within.

When God Speaks

When God speaks in your heart, time stops. When you melt into His fiery love, space disappears. All that remains in that immeasurable moment, is You in Him.


The balance of light and dark, the in-breath and the exhalation, the cycles of the waters....all these emanate from the house of God, feeding our lives with His food for thought and nurturance for our souls.